QA Tax Boot Camp

Taxes By QA – Knows the struggle one faces finding the right products to work with. We also know that not everyone wants to work for someone else these days. So becoming a Virtual Tax Preparer may be just the right fit for you. No matter what your level of experience, Taxes By QA has a program for you. We have an all-inclusive package that will offer you everything you will need to enhance your industry.

For the more seasoned tax preparer, we have smaller packages down to just our software packages. We have made becoming an ERO (Electronic Return Originator) as easy as possible. And last but not least we have the best training and support program around. We know it’s scary to start out on a venture, but why start it alone and make tons of mistakes when you can start it the right way, the QA way!!

ALA CARTE - 2021 - 2022 Tax Season Classes

Crypto Tax 2021 Deep Dive 2 hours
ARPA 2021 – AKA Stimulus 3 2 hours
COVID Payroll Tax Credits – Nuts & Bolts Payroll Tax Credits & Grants 2 hours
April 2021 Update 2 hours
Income Tax Basics with hands-on Training Live Examples
Filing Statues 1 hours
Dependency Rules 1 hours
Head of Household Plus CTC Updates Data retention requirements & managing confidential client data 2 hours
How to get an EFIN and use E-Services 1 hours
How not to get in trouble as an EFIN holder (Ethics) 2 hours
Clients’ larger refunds 2 hours
Tax Research 2 hours
Schedule C – QBI 2 hours
Schedule D – Stocks – (Robinhood Traders of Stock & Crypto) 1 hour
Schedule E / Rental Properties 2 hours
Schedule E / K1’s 2 hours
Intro to Business Taxes/Entity Selection 1120/1120S/1065 1 hours
Estates & Trusts (1041) 2 hours
Intro to Payroll Tax – 1 hour
Intro to Payroll Tax – 2 hours
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