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QA Tax Season Sales Program is available.

This simple program allows the Tax Partner to calculate an approximate  Tax Refund for the client, before it arrives in the early Tax Season . With this estimate, you can negotiate an advanced down payment until the actual tax documents (W-2s and 1099’s) arrive. Asking a few questions about the customer’s tax.

Situation and information from their last paystubs. The QA Tax Season sales Program then generates a QUOTE and the supporting documents along with a promissary note for the customer to sign. This allows you to sell products and services in December, January and Feburary before the Official Tax Season has started.



There is no charge to enroll in the program the only cost is if you choose to purchase Marketing material through our company and if you choose to lease a laptop for the season. Otherwise there is no cost to participate.

There are marketing materials available for purchase through our company or you may choose to purchase your own.

Live Online Webinars Scheduled at Your Convenience.

We require a computer to access our web-based software, a copier, and a printer.

All materials will be shipped as soon as payment has been received.

There is no guarantee but QA-ITR provides a Sales Agreement and Promissory Note that the taxpayer will sign promising to return to the Tax Partner to file their tax return.

Plus the fact they have purchased an item with the promise to complete the transaction via filing the tax return through our program. We put into place as many safeguards as possible.

Most. Have the interested Tax Partner email us, and we will take care of the rest. They may also reference our website for the information. 

Yes, we can estimate a self-employed tax return. Just give us a call and we can go over all the details with the taxpayer.

Taxpayers can visit our personalized portal to check the status of their tax return anytime during the process.

Upon bank approval, (which is not based on credit) a customer can receive 25%, 50% or 75% of their refund within hours. Once the IRS releases the refund, the remaining funds will be released minus the refund advance.

If not approved, the customer must wait for the normal time frame for the IRS to release the refund. Once the refund is released, it will go right to the Tax Partner.

Because of the PATH Act, the first refunds are expected typically sometimes in February.

Go through the normal process and fax the signed paperwork to QA-ITR the same day. When the IRS opens, your deal will be the first to be processed.

All copies will be delivered via email for each client and they can order a hard copy for a small fee.

Once you receive the debit card and the clients comes in to activate the card you will swipe the debit card for the balance due and give the remaining balance and card to the customer. However, this is your best opportunity to collect future payments or sell additional products or services. In the case where the customer is getting a check you will need to follow up with the customer to receive the down payment. QA does not regulate the payments on how they are received or intervene in the transfer of funds. Our main job is to process the tax refund and facilitate the transfer of information to both parties 

All the fees are listed with the card when it is received. There are fees for various transactions

No. The refund advance is based upon bank approval. QA-ITR has no authority in the approval process and is not affiliated with the partnering bank. The refund advance program is subject to change at any time and is expected to be available until the end of February and after that the Debit cards and Checks will be the only option.

We offer employee discounts for all employees of participating Tax Partnerships.

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